Design Patterns


Turo design patterns


Create consistent and reusable design systems


Designing patterns, collecting feedback, creating style guides and documentation, and helping engineers implement designs

Web Modals

I designed and built out the patterns and style guide for our web modals pattern. Before this project, there were 10 different styles of modals that existed. I condescend them down to 3 styles: input, illustration, and photo. Below are some examples. 


Web Carousels

Our carousels across web often looked broken: they weren't responsive, we had too many styles, we were truncating text in unexpected ways. Ultimately they were unusable. While designing this pattern, I was able to trim down our styles from 3 to 1, fix the responsiveness and text truncation issues, and add a level of visual and animation polish that didn't exist before. Below is one of the carousels in action on our home page.